one פרסום / 02.05.2022
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“AHERA” is a word that means “Love” in the Dholuo Language, a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in Kenya. Love
is one of the most powerful languages of healing and this season Anyango is exploring the use of language in
healing through sound by channelling love. She explores the language of healing in the form of Cymatic sound
patterns. Cymatic sound patterns occur when musical vibrations are channelled through a liquid medium like
water. The vibrations cause the liquid medium to arrange itself into visible geometries. Water being a strong
conductor for sound can have a positive effect on our inner workings, assisting in re-arranging dissonance into
patterns of a natural state of coherence and healing. The prints she created follow Cymatic Sound patterns,
layered in geometric shapes that channel divine love.
Integrated into the geometric sound patterns are some writings in a distinct alphabet. The writings are a
collection of Anyango’s favourite quotes on Love written in a traditional alphabet. This alphabet is called the
Luo Script, created by Kefa Ombewa and Paul Sidandi to write Luo languages as a way to decolonise African
Culture. Dholuo, also happens to be Anyango’s native language. The visual language of sound patterns and
words affirming Love in the textile designs are meant to positively influence the wearer.
This collection will be presented through poetry and music with each garment modelled by some of Anyango’s
favourite female activist and advocates of Women’s rights, education, inclusion, intersectional
environmentalism and diversity. Women’s rights, intersectionality and education form the basis of Anyango’s
social entrepreneurship, having founded her non-profit Free As A Human, which supports education for female
survivors of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Kenya.

Anyango Mpinga is a Kenyan cultural innovator championing intersectionality as a guiding principle in circular
fashion. She founded her eponymous Contemporary Sustainable brand in 2015, now renowned for its
reimagined white shirts; bold prints that pay homage to her multi-cultural heritage and size inclusive
silhouettes. As a forward-thinking designer, Anyango is exploring the use of emerging technologies in textile
Having created a social enterprise, her initiative Free As A Human addresses the humanitarian and
environmental crisis within the fashion industry, while supporting education programs for women affected by
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Anyango has also served as an Advocate and Mentor for the Swarovski
Foundation Creatives for Our Future program, designed with the United Nations Office for Partnerships.