one פרסום / 02.05.2022

LOVE HERO is the go-to lifestyle brand for sustainable, colourful and high-quality garments and products that are bought for LIFE, because they help reduce our impact on Mother Nature. The brand is continuously in the pursuit of finding better methods to create while caring for the planet every step of the way.


Joshua Scacheri is a Creative Director based in London, born in Australia. His designs have been seen from Milan to London on fashion week runways and his TV appearance on Prime Video’S “Making The Cut”, season 2, has allowed him to showcase his design work to a global market.


As an early adopter, Joshua Scacheri recognised that there was an alternative way of doing things that was less damaging to the planet, through fashion. Joshua envisaged a mindset change and business model shift that didn’t have to compromise success in today’s industry. Joshua took matters into his own hands and pursued the change he wanted to see, through LOVE HERO. Developing a brand whose DNA has a more conscious and sustainable approach embedded from within.