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The human overcrowding, rigid religious education and trampling of individualism in which Israeli fashion designer Aharon Ganish grew up, aroused in him the strongest desire to create. Ganish grew up in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak and searched for his way into the world outside the walls of yeshiva and Haydar. He came out with a question, and found his place within the spaces of freedom, art, and creativity. 

Ganish is influenced by the closed childhood worlds of yeshivas and Torah which he takes to an innovative space, to personal interpretation, to who he is today. The inspirations for his collections combine the old and the new, Ganish’s past as a child with a contemporary retrospective. He connects the edges in which he lives, within his creations. 

The fashion brand Ganish was founded in 2019, and it offers items of demi-couture and ready to wear. 

The items combine tenderness with power and strength – romantic femininity with elements taken from the male boardroom world. The gender boundaries blur through silhouettes, tailored suits and dresses in which body lines receive a new and different interpretation, classic menswear becoming women’s clothing and vice versa.

As someone who is influenced by his ultra-Orthodox past, Ganish takes traditional Jewish elements, from all over the world, east and west, that carry a conservative character, dismantle them into elements, and embroider a work from them with a personal, postmodernist and original perspective. In this way, Ganish transforms conservative items from different historical periods into edgy and unique fashion. The transformation that the old clothes undergo with the new subjective angle transforms his collections into works of a poetic and romantic nature, while at the same time maintaining the value and respect for the values of history and tradition.


The Ganish brand tells a whole story through all the items of the collection and yet each item is individualistic and stands on its own. The items are carefully tailored, with attention to the smallest details; each textile with the utmost thought – with some going through a long process of dismantling and reconstruction. 

The items of clothing are combined with works of art as part of the complete attire. The combination of an artistic item and the wearable garment actually generate the deep contrast between the element of the human herd and the uniqueness that characterises each person as to whomsoever he/she is. 

Ganish is created in slow fashion so that the items are made in moderate production, taking into account environmental values and a clear preference for natural materials. Ganish believes in minimalist consumption and therefore behind each item remains the intention of creating timeless fashion.


Aharon Ganish is a graduate of fashion studies at the Neri Bloomfield Wizo Haifa Academy Center. His final project “You Will Not Shut Up” is extensively reviewed in Israel and around the world. In 2019 Ganish won the prestigious award on behalf of the Mifal HaPais, in recognisiton of young and local deainers and in 2020 the Ganish brand was officially launched at TLV fashion week. Ganish reached the final of the prestigious ITS international competition for young designers in Italy and was nominated for three awards. In 2021, a docu-film documenting his life, work and artistic work was released, the film was screened as part of the proud International FestivalTLV Fest.